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Sydney is one of the largest and the oldest cities in Australia, known to be the capital of New South Wales. With hot summer sun and loads of places to explore, this place is Australia has everything to offer to the travelers. This city in Australia has major colonial history and is one of the most developed and prosperous land in the country. Iconic Monuments, stunning gardens, some of the best beaches and famous attractions, a short tour to Sydney is sure to make your travel bug satisfied. Throughout the year, Sydney sees horde of tourists that flock from all over the world and it make sure they have a pleasant and enjoyable stay. The city is a major hub of economics and culture making it the best place to visit in Australia.

Sydney is well known as the most populous city in Australia and has more than enough for every type of traveler. The famous Sydney harbour, Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Bondi Beach and much more add more charm to your tour to Australia. These places in Australia are nothing more of a paradise which is sure to make your stay a memorable one. Choose for a cruise ride around the Sydney harbour which will offer you breathtaking view of the whole city. The city has unlimited options for kids as well such as the amusement park and zoo where they can spend hours having fun. With all these amazing places and unending fun, what more do you need from a vacation tour in Australia.

Sydney Opera House:
Sydney Opera House is one of the famous tourist attractions in Australia and is undoubtedly the best among all. Located on Bennelong point, this iconic landmark not attracts tourists from all over the world but is also worth the visit when in the land of Australia. It is recognized as UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the world’s great icons. Take a walk around it and revel in the beauty of the structure. Get a guide tour into the building and learn more about its history, its rooms, halls and even the performances that are held at the Opera House.

Darling Harbour:
Well known for its hangout spot in the city, Darling Harbour is a vibrant pedestrian area that is filled with abundant shops, museums, exhibitions and various bars and restaurants. The harbour boasts of some of the famous tourist spots in Sydney such as Chinese Gardens of Friendship, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney visitor centre, Sydney wildlife world and Australian National Maritime Museum. Children have an amazing opportunity as they can enjoy at the water park and spend their day to the fullest. Shopaholics can take a walk around limitless shopping centre or head to the IMAX theatre that has the largest screen in the world.
Bondi Beach:
Sydney is well known for its beaches, Bondi Beach being one of them. This beach is a fantastic place to visit in Australia to relax, swim or surf. Attracting tourists from all over the globe, Bondi Beach is situated on the suburb of the city. Offering plethora of activities to offer, visitors can enjoy their day with their families. The golden sands and excellent surf makes it one of the best beaches in Australia. Take surf lessons or attend the famous kite festival which is quite common at the Bondi Beach.
Sydney Harbour Bridge:
Built in 1932, Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge and one of iconic landmark in Sydney. Tourists have a good chance to walk over the bridge and explore the scenic beauty of the city. It is one of the beautiful natural harbors in the world attracting tourists from all across the globe. To get a spectacular view of the city, Sydney Harbour Bridge is the best place to visit. The Harbour is one of the liveliest places in Australia with numerous restaurants, shops and bars which will keep you occupied throughout your tour.
Royal Botanical Gardens:
Located in the heart of the city, Royal botanical gardens is a must visit place when in the land of Australia. The garden is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sydney that is filled with beautiful flowers and pleasing environment. The garden is divided into 4 precincts along with small gardens and lawns. Established in 1816, and encompassing 30 hectares of themed gardens, this garden boasts of towering trees, palm groves, ferns and orchids. The best thing about this garden is Palace Rose garden that houses 1800 roses and various other plants. The inbuilt café and restaurant is perfect spot where you can relax for exploring the gardens.
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium:
Nestled in the popular precinct of Darling Harbour, Sea Life Sydney aquarium is a must visit place in Australia if you are a marine lover. This huge aquarium boasts huge collection of aquatic animals with different exhibits and over 700 species. Opened since 1988, this aquarium is a very popular attraction among families and kids. The collection of marine lie in this aquarium is huge including two dugongs. Other exhibits that you can spot includes Shark valley, the Jurassic Seas, the Southern and Northern Ocean. Visit to this aquarium can prove to be a fun day out with the families.
Sydney Tower:
One of the tallest structures in the city, Sydney tower is one of the top tourist attractions that have attracted many tourists from all walks of life. From the tower you can witness some of the breathtaking views of the city and enjoy the view from the top of the tower. The Tower stands at a height of 309 metres, providing the best possible view of the whole city. It boasts of a revolving restaurant where you can dine and taste some of the delicious delicacies of Australia.

Get close with the animals at the Zoo:
Taronga Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Sydney that allows you to get up close and personal with the animals. The zoo boasts of 4000 animals that are from exotic and native species such as tigers, leopard, giraffes, gorillas, Australian sea lions, Kangaroos and Koalas. After your tour with the animals you can try your hands on sky high ropes that offer spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour. Indulge in adventure activities like zip lining, rope climbing and suspended bridged to add more fun to your tour.

Spend the day at Opera House:
When in Sydney, you cannot miss to visit the famous Opera house that attracts millions of tourists every year. Built in 20thcentury architecture, Sydney Opera House hosts more than 40 performances every week. View this amazing site at night as it lightens up giving a spectacular view of the whole place. If you are interested to know what happens behind the curtains, you can sign up for two hours where you will be taken into the exclusive rooms of the performers with tasty breakfast in the green room.
Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge:
This iconic bridge is one of the famous places to visit in Australia that has garnered many tourists from all walks of life. The bridge is nicknamed as ‘The Coathanger” that dates back to 1932 and is one of Australia’s most visited place. Travelers have an excellent opportunity to freely walk or cycle across the vast structure. Make sure you pack your essentials when you decide to climb on the top of the Harbour Bridge. You can either join your climbing tour with a group of other climbers along with experienced guides who will help you throughout your adventure tour.
Dine at Circular Quay:
Sydney is well known for its excellent gourmet options where you have variety of dishes to choose from. Circular Quay is one of the best places that allow you to taste the true Australian cuisine. The view of crystal blue Sydney Harbour along with lip smacking food is all you need to spend your holiday in Australia. The city has particularly delicious options such as Aria, the Sydney cover Oyster Bar, Yayoi Garden and Tapavino that provide amazing delicacies in the whole city. If you are looking for budgeted restaurants you can try at the Banh You Vietnamese Street Food, burgers at City Extra or weekly meal at the Ship Inn.
Ferry tour in Manly:
Manly in Sydney is well known for surf breaks, scenic walks and interesting cafes. It is a short beachside suburb where you can go on a ferry tour and explore the city on your own. Ferry ride in Manly is extremely popular among the tourists as well as locals alike and is perfect for family day out. Join in some of the beach and water activities such as running, kayaking, scuba, surfing, beach volleyball that will boost up your adrenaline rush. Discover more than 200 species including the famous Blue Groper while you are out in the waters. Manly boasts of excellent dining options, a museum, a sea life sanctuary and shark diving experience which should not be missed.
Camping at Cockatoo Island:
Located in the middle of Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island is one of the famous places to visit in Australia offering breathtaking view of the harbour. The island is historically fascinating and is a popular camping spot for the travelers. Spend a night on the island and wake up to the stunning view of the city. Make sure you bring your own tent and other essentials that will help your in making your camp a successful one. The campers have access to hot showers and camp kitchen, but if you don’t wish to cook, breakfast and barbecue packs can be ordered.
Enjoy at the Luna Park:
To boost up your adrenaline rush, Luna Park in Sydney is the perfect place to test your adventure side. With numerous amusement park rides and hilarious photo backdrop, Luna Park is worth the visit. From little kids to adults, this park in Sydney has everything to offer to the visitors. Explore the Coney Island area which is an old school funhouse with unlimited games, a mirror maze and traditional retro fun. After your adventure tour, enjoy first lass dining inside a ferries wheel carriage that is open only on Sundays.

Australia is situated in Southern hemisphere and the seasons in this country is reversed. The summer month of December to February is the best time to visit Sydney. The temperature at this time of the year remains hot and pleasant throughout the day. To enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of Sydney, summer months are advised to be the best time. The summer month is the ideal time for cruises in the Harbour city and for other activities such as beach visits, picnics and water activities etc. Also this is the time where you can spend your time with your families during holiday season.

By Flight: The nearest airport is Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport and is the busiest international airport in Australia. The airport is well connected with other major cities of the world making it easier for the travelers to travel. From the airport, you can hire a cab or a take a local bus that will take you to your desired destination.

By Bus: Bus connectivity in Sydney is frequent and many busses ply on daily basis to and from the city. Private as well as government buses run to the city and New South Wales to other parts of the country and most of these buses arrive at Sydney Coach terminal. If you travel by road, you have a perfect chance to enjoy the scenery along the Pacific Highway.
By Train: Connecting Sydney to the rest of Australia, the rail networks are frequent making it easier of the visitors to travel. The New South Wales train network connects the city to all the capitals and nearby cities and town. The city is well connected by rail to Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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