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The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne city is an exciting amalgamation of rich culture, style and amazing people. Situated on the southern coast of the country, Melbourne is an incredible country that has garnered many tourists from all walks of life. The city of Melbourne is the capital of the State of Victoria and ranks second to Sydney in terms of population. From busy city life to vibrant culture of people, tour to Melbourne is an ideal choice for your upcoming vacation. Considered as the cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne holiday tour promises to cater unlimited fun and an amazing trip that will leave you awe struck.

The city is all known for its famous attractions and adventure that is going to keep you energized throughout your stay in Melbourne. Offering unique experience and unending memories, vacation in Melbourne is all you need if you are looking for a vibrant and happening place in Australia. Being the capital state of Victoria, Melbourne is one of the best tourist attractions in Australia with so much to offer to the travelers. The city of Melbourne is so diverse and rich with abundant culture such as in the fields of music, drama, and art, making it a vivacious city to visit. The famous Melbourne city centre, Queen Victoria market, array of museums and much more adds up more charm to your Melbourne tour packages.

National Galley of Victoria:
This museum is one of the top tourist attractions in Melbourne housing more than 70,000 works of art. It hosts epic exhibitions and art collections that are attended by many tourists from all walks of life. Art lovers have a good chance to view some of the finest art work collection by famous artists. The international art collection is nestled in St Kilda road building which is renowned for the Great Hall, where visitors have an opportunity to lie on the floor and gaze at the colourful stained glass ceiling. The museum also exhibits amazing collection of British and European paintings from 1200 years ago.

Melbourne Zoo:
One of the largest and housing more varieties of wildlife, Melbourne Zoo is considered to be the famous places to visit in Australia. Home to more than 320 different species of animals, the zoo is an ideal place for both animal lovers and photography geeks. The park inside the zoo allows the visitors to take a stroll through the lush greenery of Australian bush land, African and Asian rainforests and underwater. While on your tour, explore the world of animals and get up close with them. You can spot tigers, elephants, monkeys, Wombats, koalas, emus, kangaroos and underwater creatures like penguins and Australian seals.
Eureka Tower:
Standing at an incredible height of almost 300 metres tall, Eureka Tower is one of the famous attractions in Melbourne that is visited by travelers every year. The tower is extremely popular for its spectacular viewpoint, the sky deck 88. The tower is usually an apartment building that lends breathtaking view of the whole city of Melbourne. Sky deck 88 is the highest view point in Eureka Tower and has numerous features such as the Terrace and the Edge that makes you stand on a single piece of glass which 300 metres above the ground. The view from the top is surely not to be missed when in Melbourne.
Royal Botanic Garden:
Adorned with small monuments, pillars and serene surroundings, Royal Botanic Garden is a famous place to visit in Melbourne. The garden attracts many tourists every year because of its vast ecology and thousand species of native and non native plants. The garden houses vast collection of different plants and vegetation that is placed in different lawns of the garden. Being a hub of picnic spot, visitors have a good chance to spend their day with their loved ones. It is also ideal for joggers who are looking forward to shape their body.
Captain Cook’s Cottage:
This cottage in Melbourne was built in 1755 and is considered to be the oldest building in Australia. Popular among the tourists, the cottage was built as a commemoration of James Cook who is known to be the discoverer of Australia. The cottage was originally built by the parents of James Cook and was officially situated on Yorkshire in England. It was later in 1934 was brought back to Australia by Sir Russel Grimwade and since then it has become a popular tourist attraction in Melbourne. It has been put on display for the visitors and showcases the adventures of Captain Cook, old antique and much more.
Melbourne Cricket Ground:
Home to one of the best cricket teams in the world, Melbourne Cricket Ground is the tenth largest cricket stadium in the world. The stadium is well renowned for its world class facilities and has witnessed many tourists from all over the globe. The Melbourne cricket ground was built just 19 years after the Melbourne city was founded. Embrace the history of the sport and also learn about one of the best cricketing nations in the world. Apart from cricket, the stadium hosts Boxing Day test match, Australian Rules football and international rock concerts that are organized at this world class stadium.
Docklands in Melbourne is the newest waterfront entertainment centre which has tourists flocking throughout the year. It is popularly home to Etihad stadium and various modern buildings, artworks and public spaces. Docklands is close to Melbourne’s main transport networks that include Southern Cross Station. It offers many features such as restaurants, shopping, parks, sporting events, entertainment and culture. Annually, Docklands attracts 20 million visitors from all over the world. To add more charm to your tour, you can indulge in art and vintage market that is held in Dockland every Sunday. Immigration Museum:
Founded in the year 1998, Immigration Museum is located in old customs house and is also a famous spot in Melbourne. The museum tells stories about the people of Melbourne and their journey. This tale of settling and moving in a new land has been now commemorated in the form of a museum. An audio and video representation is displayed to the visitors that showcase the true stories of the people of Melbourne. The museum also hosts various traveling exhibitions and educational programs for the visitors giving them an insight about the stories of people.

Stroll around Botanical Garden:
The famous Botanical garden in the city of Melbourne is worth the visit as it has more than 8,500 species with breathtaking landscape and colourful surrounding. Situated close to the city centre, the garden is a popular spot for both local walkers and joggers that allow you to get close to the nature. If you want to take a break from your busy and bustling city life, this garden is one of the best places to visit in Australia to achieve peace and serenity. Bring your sketchbook along if you want to try your hand at drawing some of the beautiful view of the garden.

Shopping at Queen Victoria Market:
Melbourne is well known for its renowned shopping that gives unlimited chance for shopaholics to shop their heart out in this vibrant city of Melbourne. The Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne is one of the famous places to shop and is also the largest open air market in the southern part of Australia. Indulge in unending shopping and walk around different shops that have variety of goods to offer to the visitors. This market in Melbourne is popular spot for youngsters and adults alike. From warm ship skin boots to funky t-shirts and cuddly Kangaroo toys, this market has it all.
Wander through the laneways of Melbourne:
If you love to just wander around the streets, the laneways of Melbourne is the best place to learn more about the city’s rich culture and people. You can buy a city map that is available at the Federation Square visitor information centre and begin your tour of Melbourne. From unique coffee shops, cafes to boutiques, these laneways has something to offer to everyone. Wander down the famous Degraves Street and explore the beautiful arcades and street art that is pictured all over the street. You will have plenty of option to see, buy and eat while you are wandering on the busy streets of Melbourne.
Sip in the world’s best coffee:
All the coffee lovers, Melbourne city is the right place to try your taste buds on the best coffee. Beating Rome and Vienna, The city of Melbourne has been renowned for its coffee and has attracted many tourists from across the globe. If in Melbourne, it is hard to find a bad cup of coffee as the city touts itself as world leader in coffee and café culture. Wander around the laneways of the city and you will get the best taste of coffee everywhere.
Penguin Spotting at St Kilda:
St Kilda is one of the famous places to visit in Melbourne as you have good chance to spot the little penguins in their natural habitat. It also houses stunning beach that has famous Victorian beach houses and is home to colony of penguins. The colony was itself established in 1970 and they arrive after the sunset every night of the year mostly in summers. Professional guides are always on the lookout and give you knowledge about these cuddly creatures.
Bushwalking in the Dandenong Ranges:
Nestled in the outskirts of Melbourne, the Dandenong range offers a breathtaking view of the mountains and is one of the best tourist spot in Melbourne. These ranges are a perfect spot for walkers, cyclists, hikers, nature-lovers, bird watchers and an excellent chance for the photographers to click the best shot that nature has to offer. Take a walk along the lush greenery of the Dandenong ranges and get to know more about the abundant flora and fauna of the place. Ideal both for active travelers and romantic getaways, it is also a popular spot for wedding shoots.
Enjoy the river cruise:
What better way to spend you day on a cruise and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the vibrant city of Melbourne. The Yarra River that separate Melbourne city centre boasts of many eye catching views and taking a cruise down the river is the best way to see the untouched part of Melbourne city. There are various cruise operators which you can choose, depending upon the need and budget. The Yarra River cruise is popular among the world for offering utmost comfort and leisure to the travelers. The cruise takes you on a city tour giving you a chance to explore the city on your own.
Take a train journey of Puffing Billy:
Train journeys are one of the best ways to enjoy the scenic route and explore the unseen part of the city. Puffing Billy steam train in Melbourne runs through the stunning Dandenong Ranges from Belgrave to Gembrook and is over 100 years old. This steam train is one of the best preserved railways in the world attracting tourists from all over the world. Open every day of the year except on Christmas, a good trip of Melbourne in this steam train is an ideal choice to explore the place. Explore the amazing views of Sherbrooke forest, Port Philip Bay and Gembrook market where you can indulge in some shopping and fine dining.

Melbourne is a year round destination and can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit the city of Melbourne is during summer months from the months of December to March. The temperature remains pleasant and warm during that time and is the best time to enjoy the famous attractions. The city remains quite lively during the peak season and attracts thousands of tourists from all walks of life. Make sure when you visit Melbourne in summer wear light cotton clothes, carry sun block, sunglasses and ample water throughout their stay in the city.

By Flight: Melbourne is easily accessible via air and Melbourne International airport is the closet to the city. It connect Melbourne to major other cities making it easy for the visitors. From there you can hire cab or taxi which are available at the airport. It is also the busiest airport in Melbourne as many tourists flock to the country throughout the year.

By Bus: The city is connected to other cities in the state of Victoria and Australia via bus. Buses like Firefly express and greyhound connect to the cities in other states like Sydney, Canberaa, and Adelaide etc.
By Train: Many trains run to and fro from the Melbourne city and to other cities in Australia such as Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane etc. Routes to all major cities of Melbourne are easily accesible by train and runs on a daily basis. Several other trains connect to the towns and cities in Victoria.

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