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The coastal city of Australia, Gold Coast is one of the largest cities and a popular attraction amount the travellers. The urban city holds 550,000 of the population in Queensland. The temperature and the scenic beauty of the region is the major reason for its popularity. With the high rise luxury hotels and the sandy beaches with the attraction lined along the coast makes it a perfect gateway.

The city boasts an entertaining lifestyle with the eateries, the theme parks and the rainforests. The art and culture reside here at every corner from the streets to the beaches, the stalls and the galleries. The fest and the events are organized during the festive season where you can experience the traditional and the musical essence of the city.

The Gold Coast City tour takes you to an amazing journey which includes the wildlife, the leisure tours, exposure to the city art and the ultimate cuisines and drinks of Australia. It’s not just the beaches as the city houses the amazing wildlife centres and theme parks for the kids and the nature lover. Tour around to discover the hindrance of the market, the adventure rides and water games for adrenaline junkies and the tempting cuisines with lively city life to experience the culture of Gold coast Australia.

Dreamworld’s tiger island
The tiger reserve in Gold Coast, Dreamworld’s Tiger Island is the best place to spend a day in Australia. The attraction was introduced to conserve the endangered tigers in the island by the DWF department, Dreamworld wildlife foundation. The conservancy is even working for the preservation of endemic species in Australia like the population of Bilbies, Koalas, Tree Kangaroos, Frogs, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats and Bristlebirds. The tour around the wildlife reserve not only offers you a day amidst the wild but even organizes the educational tour for a better understanding of nature.

Surfers Paradise
The Surfers Paradise is not just an attraction in Gold coast but the hub for entrainment and leisure. With the best bars, eateries and the boutique hotels, the attraction attracts the locals and the travellers to enjoy a day tour and relax in the coastal city. What makes it on the list of globally recognized attraction are the classy beaches, the bustling shores and the high-rise structures standing over the beaches. Don’t miss out the authentic food served at the local restaurants there.
Lamington National Park
The Lamington National Park with its lush green terrains and the vegetations stands as the best attraction in the city of Gold Coast Australia. With the valleys and the woodlands, the hiking trails and the wilderness, the national l park is a part of Gondwana Rainforests that is also known to be the World Heritage site in Australia. There are half day tours and full day tours organized by the park where you can explore the incredible wonders like waterfalls, the George and the creek track.
Gold Coast Hinterland
To explore the entire beauty of Gold Coast, the Gold Coast Hinterland is the best attraction that takes you from the mountains, the villages to the vineyards and the woodlands. Being the unspoiled region of Gold Coast, the hinterland is blessed with scenic beauty and the ultimate greenery. For the tourist, there are tours specialized in various activities like wildlife tour or cultural visits. You can explore the villages or get a sip of wine from Canungra Valley Vineyard.
Gold coast houses some amazing beaches to explore while you are spending your vacation here in Australia. The Broadbeach is a glamorous attraction that flaunts the vibrant culture and the charming lifestyle with some shops and cafes, bars and restaurants. The luxury accommodation option and the tempting dishes here add on to the beauty and fame of the beach. From relaxing during the sunset to grabbing the delicious bite and refreshing your sledge at the parks, there is a lot waiting for you here.
A scenic gateway from Gold Coast, the Coolangatta is located at a distance of 40 minutes from the city. With the beautiful and calm beaches, the destination is perfect for an escape from the chaos and rush of Surfer's Paradise. The place is an ideal spot for the families where the kids can splash in the beach and enjoy the water games. Not just the beaches, there are spots for tourist interest like the snapper rock or the wildlife sanctuary and lighthouse that make the place ideal for a day tour.
Springbrook National Park
The beauty of Australia can be best explored with national parks and world heritage sites. Springbrook National Park here in the city of Gold Coast is a perfect place to enjoy the wilderness and the lush scenic beauty. There are vibrant bird species being protected here that includes the endemic and the endangered species as well. The forest region here is a home for the waterfalls and the gorges of the McPherson Range that is dominating the landscape of the region. The Natural Arch Bridge nestled here is the major attraction of tourist in Gold Coast.

The bike tour at Surfer’s Paradise
The Surfer’s Paradise can be best explored on a bike if you want to discover the scenic coastline dotted with amazing attraction. The eateries and the shopping centres, the market and sanctuary all together make the destination ideal for a self-tour on the bike. Plan your days where you have an itinerary to visit the Oceanview Walk, explore the shops at beachfront markets and Pacific fair. The mermaid beach is one of the known cafés to sip the best drink and refreshing coffee.

The nature tour
With the national parks and wildlife sanctuary, Gold Coast in Australia is known for the scenic beauty and a green lush landscape. The nature tour here in the city of Australia offers you a list of dense and diverse national parks to explore. From the magical atmosphere at Springbrook National Park to the wilderness at Lamington National Park, you have ample the option to discover the serene topography of Gold coast. For the bird watchers, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place where some of the endemic and rare birdlife dwell.
The beach tour
The beach city, the Gold cost is known for the most enthralling sandy beaches to discover. The Currumbin beaches and the Broadbeach are the two best-known beaches here where you can plan a day tour to add on adventure and leisure to your tour. Snorkelling and suffering are some of the water adventures you must not miss while you are resting in the sandy white beach of Gold Coast. Wave Break Island organizes the scuba diving tours where you can dive underwater and spot the colourful marine world.
Adventure tour
Gold Coast is the utmost fun and adventurous destination for adrenaline junkies where you can add on a thrilling punch to your vacation. The skydiving and the paragliding are the actions packed adventure offering you the most scenic face of Gold Coast. From the international airports, there are jets available for a scenic ride over the coastal region. Experience the free fall over the blue and green land and discover the enchanting beauty of the beaches dotted here.
Entertainment at the theme parks
Gold coast tour is all about entertainment and fun with theme parks and amusement rides. The amusement parks here make it a destination suited for a family vacation where the kids can surely enjoy the rides and fun games. There are rides like Big 9 Thrill Rides, Tower of Terror and much more at the parks that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The Wet ‘n’ Wild is one of the best-known amusement parks here that have some water games as Kamikaze.
The city life
Gold coast city of Australia is a paradise for foodies. Flaunting its tempting food list and the vibrant cafes, you can spend your vacation tasting the best local and authentic dishes. The nightlife and the local brewery here are commonly known to experience the delight brewage and local beers. Beaches at Gold Coasts are laced with the number of eateries like the fish house and more where you can try the seafood and the freshly baked Petuna ocean trout.

You can surely plan the visit to the Gold Coast during the Easter holidays to explore the vibrant and lively side of the city. The month of April to May is also the best recommended time to visit the Gold Coast with the pleasant weather condition.

While the months from December to February are not comforting as the school vacation and overcrowded beaches may not be the ideal time for leisure. The summer then, is hot and not prefers to be the best time for the vacation in Australia.

The Gold city in Australia is one of the most popular attractions that is connected with the flight and land network for getting in and around the city.

Via air: There are international and domestic flights available to reach the Gold Coast from the adjacent cities of Australia and other destination on the globe. Gold Coast Airport at Coolangatta is the nearest airport to arrive in the city.
Via land: Regular bus service run in and around the city of Gold Coast from the places like Coolangatta, Sydney and Brisbane etc. There is a shuttle running from the railway station in the nearest city to Gold coats for easy connectivity via rails.

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