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The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the Cairns is the best destination in Australia where you can experience the city life the vibrant aura and the diverse region. With the rainforests and the green lush mountains, the city is a true beauty to experience the magnificent splendour of nature.

Cairns in Australia, is one of the largest cities housing around 16,000 people from the entire population. The 5th largest city of Queensland Australia, Cairns is all about the lagoons and the beaches, the two best-known world heritage site. The walkway of the city known as the Cairns Esplanade stretches over 2.5 of kilometres with the magnificent side views and the tranquil serene backdrop. From the chaos and the bustling city life to peaceful lagoons and a quiet ambience, the Cairns is a destination offering you all for your vacation.

Cairns tour in Australia has a long list of attraction and actions to boost up your holiday experience. There are accommodation option, the cafes and eateries, waterfront boardwalks, shopping centre and the water park that makes it an ideal destination for every tourist. If not the best, the Cairns tourism has some worthy spots for your holiday.

The Great Barrier Reef
The most famous attraction in Cairns Australia the Great Barrier Reef is around 45 minute from the city. With the sandy beaches, the Great Barrier is standing with the collection of some exotic marine wildlife and the vibrant coral reefs that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The reef is a hub for an adventure where you can experience the most dramatic diving expedition, snorkelling and a lot more water sports. Anyone thinking to spend a night or two can pick the best accommodation available on the island.

Daintree Rainforest
The world heritage site in Cairns, Australia, Daintree Rainforest is an unspoiled attraction where the rainforest and the reef meet. The tourist spot is famous for its action-packed adventure tour and the wildlife tours organized there. The rainforest shows great biodiversity with the abundance of birdlife, flora and fauna that you can explore with a guided bird watching tour and wildlife tours. Talking about the adventure, you can cruise in the Daintree River and spot the crocodile dwelling there.
Mission Beach
The little yet beautiful beach town in Cairns, Mission beach is a stunning attraction you can explore during the vacation. Lying on your way to Cairns from Townsville, the beach is a perfect gateway for honeymooners or the family visitors, adventure seekers and the backpackers. There are activities arranged for the visitors as the eco-tours and trekking, sky-diving and white water rafting and a lot more. The beach attracts visitors for its river streams and the fishing activities.
Cairns Esplanade
The Cairns Esplanade stands as a major attraction for your Cairns tour with the most scenic lagoons and the picnic area. The attraction offers a 4800-sq-metre pool characterized by the saltwater and the sandy-edges that attracts a major number of travellers. The place is ideal for birdwatchers and beach lovers where they can indulge the time in bird watching or enjoying the beach games like volleyball and try some delicious barbecue dishes.
Port Douglas
Nestled at a short distance from the city Of Cairns, Port Douglas is a perfect escape to experience leisure in Australia. The attraction of Cairns is known for the best accommodation, galleries, the vibrant cafés and restaurants, shops and local shops. Being at Port Douglas, you can shop the handicraft and the local accessories from the Port Douglas Village Markets and explore Macrossan Street. The city is bets for relaxing and spa treatment, local cuisines and amazing outdoor activities.
Josephine waterfalls
The most scenic waterfall in the Cairns city of Australia, Josephine waterfall is a great destination for outing. At a distance of 75 km from the Cairns, the waterfall is basically a series of fall flowing over the weathered boulders. One can swim in the pool or view the incredible view of the adjacent attraction in the waterfall. The Golden Pool recreation area lies at a distance of 2km from the falls where you can spend the day with your travel group and enjoy the picnic.

White water river rafting
Being at Australia, the white water river rafting is surely the best thing to do in Cairns. The Tully River in Cairns is where you can experience the adrenaline rush with the amazing white water river rafting. The 3 to four-grade rafting experience is so energetic to add on more adventure and thrill. The scenic route dotted along the riverside offers a picturesque backdrop to while you are on your wild and thrilling journey. The dramatic waves of the roaring river make it the most dangerous action-packed adventure for adrenaline junkies.

Adventure at Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef lists the amazing adventure for the visitors that one must miss. Starting from the Snorkeling to Scuba Diving and the Helicopter rides, the barrier reef is a hub for entertainment and action. The reef houses the abundance of vibrant marine life and corals making it the best scuba diving spot in the world. There are ferry tours and cruise provided to explore the dynamic beauty the best attraction in Cairns. Don’t miss out the whale watching and dolphin watching tours.
Skyrail at the Rainforest
The world heritage site in Cairns, the rainforest of the Queensland can be your next spot for an action-packed day tour. The Skyrail tour is something that you must miss while you are wandering in the rainforest of Australia. Not just adventure and fun, the tour is best to explore the incredible landscape and the wilderness. You can hop off and try the tree canopy and the boardwalks for an ultimate experience. Getting to the middle of the dense forest and exploring the diverse vegetation is surely the best thing coming on the tour.
The cultural tour
The traditional and ancient culture of Australia is worth experiencing. The Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is one the cultural centre in Australia that is known for the best cultural tours. The park organizes the shows that define the tradition of the bygone era and disclose the ancient lifestyle and rituals followed by the tribes dwelling then. Not just the indigenous believes and cultural norms, the park opens up the activity like canoeing and fireside corroboree.
Tableland tour
The Atherton Tablelands, one of the attractions in Australia, lies at a short distance from the city of Cairns. The untouched surrounding, calm and tranquil landscape and the picturesque backdrop make it the best place to plan a day tour. The attraction offers activities like wildlife cruise, bushwalking and bird watching where you can explore the rich biodiversity of the region. The hot air ballooning and the white water river rafting, fishing and water adventure can be the option for adrenaline junkies.
City food tour
Cairns can be the best place for food lovers where the food trails start from the authentic local cuisine to the fresh and delicious seafood. From the crabs to the pawns, there are eateries nestled in the city like Splash seafood restaurant, the salt house and the Dundee’s restaurant, you must try. The city houses some of the best cafes and clubs where you can experience the nightlife of the city. Being a popular attraction in the list of young travellers and the backpackers, Cairns have the best venue and menu to offer.

Cairns can be explored the best during the summer season in Australia as the city is green with the dense rainforest. Being a major attraction, the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef can be explored completely during the summers when you can plan the Skyrail tour and white water river rafting.

Talking about the winters in Australia, the pleasant temperature makes it the best time to explore Cairns. The dry weather with clear skies is ideally suited for sailing and spotting the migrating species of humpback whales.

For your vacation in Cairns, you can reach the city from any corner of the world due to its connectivity with the major destination in Australia and the adjacent countries.

By Air: You can reach Cairns via air, as the city has its own domestic and international airport connected with a majority of destination. The short distance from the CBD and Northern Beaches makes it accessible.

By land: The Cairns is best to be explored with self-drive tour as the city is connected with a network of roads to the attraction like Brisbane and the whole of Queensland. There are buses and trains available for reaching Cairns.

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