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The Alice spring in Australia is one of the beautiful destinations of Australia that flaunts the charm of its desert landscape, the Cavernous George and the amazing history. The remote region here belongs to the Aboriginal communities who are dwelling in the Central Australian desert from more than 50,000 years. The community of Arrernte people is known to be the natives of the city who are believed to be the creator of the Alice town.

Alice Spring City tour in Australia takes you to the best of the attraction and sightseeing where you can explore the culture and history. There are galleries and the national parks, the rolling mountain ranges and the woodlands that make it a city of the stunning landscape. The city is also known as the gateway to the Kata Tjuta National Park that houses a variety of flora and fauna. The habitat parks dotted in and around the city define the rich natural heritage and the rich biodiversity of Australia. Bordered by the MacDonnell Ranges, the rugged cliffs and the deserted land dominate the topography of Alice Spring.

Talking about the Alice spring tourism in Australia, the city offers you the escape from the chaos to the natural serenity where you can indulge your vacation in exploring the diverse habitat.

Alice Springs Desert Park
The Alice spring Desert Park is one of the best attractions falling in the city of Alice Spring where you can spot the rare and the endemic species. The deserted land of the park is best known for the cycling trails and the species of birds supported by the habitat. With the rivers and the woodlands, the recreated habitat of animal attracts a major number of travellers there. The bilby and the Australian Kestrel define the rare population of wildlife dwelling there.

Araluen Arts Centre
Discover the art and the heritage of Australia with a visit to the Araluen Arts Centre. There are galleries and theatres, exhibitions and other attraction that offers a great tour in Alice Spring. Focusing over the art of Central Desert, the theatre and the galleries organizes the exhibitions for the visitors. You can plan your day with the galleries like Albert Namatjira Gallery where you can discover the artwork of Namatjira, Hermannsburg School artists and Papunya Community School Collection.
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
Preserving more than a number of 500 Australian plant species, the Olive Pink Botanic garden stands as an attraction you can explore in Alice Spring. Explore the medicinal and native plant species as lemongrass, bush passionfruit and quandong. The botanic garden also houses 80 unique bird species and the endemic black-footed rock wallaby. Climbing over the Meyers Hill you can visit the Ntyarlkarle Tyaneme that is known to be the site for caterpillar ancestors.
Araluen Cultural Precinct
The cultural and tourist attraction in Alice Spring, Araluen Cultural Precinct houses a collection of beautiful paintings, the artworks and ancient craft of Central Australia. While touring the Precinct you can roam and explore the centres as the Museum of Central Australia, Strehlow Research Centre for Aboriginal Culture and the Connellan Aviation Museum where the art and history resides. The cultural hub requires around 2 to 3 hour for the complete visit.
Emily and Jessie Gaps
The Emily and Jessie Gaps are the great attraction for travellers where they can spend the leisure time or plan a picnic. These are the deep gaps between the MacDonnell range that offers a shady place to relax. The picnic tables and the facilities as toilets are provided there for comfort. The scenic charm of the region makes it an ideal attraction for the photographers and nature lovers. All you need is to grab your camera, the picnic essentials and head out to spend a day in serenity.

Meeting the Kangaroo
Australia is the house for the most adorable creatures, the Kangaroos. The Chris's kangaroo sanctuary at a distance of 20 minutes from the Alice Spring conserves the population of Kangaroos and their Joey’s. The Sanctuary is being taken cared by the Chris Barnes in an area of around 188 acres where he conserves and looks after the orphaned baby Kangaroos and the injured adult. The tour here is planned for 2 and a half hour where you will learn about the conservation and rescue of these wild creatures.

Hiking the Larapinta Trail
Hike up the amazing Larapinta Trail in Alice Spring that is known to be the longest hiking trail in the world. The longest distance of about 223 kilometres makes this a spectacular attraction in Australia Alice Spring. Lying in between the Kings Canyon and the Alice Springs, the trail adds on the adventure to your vacation tour where you can camp overnight and explore the scenic beauty for around 12 days. If you are in no mood to carry a heavy backpack, there are camps provided in the way where you can stay overnight.
Hot air ballooning
The hot air ballooning is one of the best things to do in Alice Spring Australia for an amazing birds-eye view of the region. Get up early morning with the dawn, and explore the stunning landscape from the sky that is adorned with the crimson hue of the morning. The deserted landscape and the incredible plains look incredibly beautiful. The tour is accompanied with the breakfast and wines.
Historical tours
Museums in Alice Spring are best to explore during your vacation in Australia. From the historical events to the art and the culture, these muses are has a collection of everything that can depict the history of Alice spring Australia. The Museum of Central Australia, Araluen Cultural Precinct and the Royal Flying Doctor service base are some of the popular centres that you can explore. The museums take you to a tour where you can dive in the history and experience the essence of Australia.
The wildlife tour
Alice Spring city of Australia houses the amazing wildlife and the birdlife that you can discover during the tour. The West MacDonnell Ranges National Park and the spinifex dunes are the two best-known places in Australia where an abundance of wildlife can be explored. With a number exceeding to 180 species and more birdlife in Alice spring is too vibrant to be discovered. Diverse flora and fauna and the dramatic landscape both make the city ideal for the wildlife tour.

Planning a tour to Alice Spring, the best time can be the spring and the autumn season. The season experiences a pleasing climate when you can plan a wildlife tour, or hiking and camping. The not so cold weather is ideal for the adventure enthusiast as they can easily hike up the longest and the toughest trails of Australia.

The best recommended season is the winters if you are ready to face the chilling cold temperature. Swimming pools and waterholes may get excluded from the plan but the season is still the best as compared with the summers in Alice Spring.

The Alice Spring in Australia is connected via air and land to the major destination in the world. The city owns an international airport and the network of roads for easy commuting in and around the city.

Via air: The Qantas is the only airport to enter the city of Alice Spring from the adjacent neighboring cities and countries.

Via land: The Ghan is the most popular rail network running in the city for an easy transfer from Adelaide to Darwin via Alice Spring. The road connecting the cities passes through the Alice spring interconnecting the cities of Australia.

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